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Caleb Klauder Band in Nashville Wednesday Sept 17th

Friends,  we are very excited to announce our acceptance to this years American Music Festival and Conference in Nashville Tenn this coming September.

We are playing on Wednesday Sept 17 at the new Nasvhille, City Winery, on a great billing with Sturgill Simpson.  Show starts at 10pm.

Its a long way to Nashville from Portland but we are excited to be bringing our music out east to share with you all.  Please spread the word and let your fiends know we will be in town.




Vocal Chord Surgery and Recovery

Hello Friends,

Many of you may now know that I was diagnosed with vocal chord polyps in mid April this year.  I was worried for years that something was wrong with my voice but could never quite determine the issue or get to concerned because it would usually heal and be come normal again.  In April the symptoms became severe that I could not sing so I went to the see a voice doctor.  Dr. James Thomas ENT, in Portland Oregon.

I did eventually have surgery on June 16th of this year and although that  sounds scary and intense it was a fairly  gentle procedure and the healing time has been remarkably quick.  I spent one entire week not speaking at all. That was tough, but also kinda fun.  It was interesting hosting guests during that time,  I couldn’t say much but I did have my trusty white board.

It has been three weeks since the operation and I am healing fast and things are on the right track.  I saw my doctor on Monday july 7th and he told me to start singing at home, quietly.  The plan is to refrain from performing for another  two months, depending on how the healing progresses.  At this point voice rest is a important as anything.  That being said it is important to talk, and to sing some, so that I keep the muscle strong and flexible as it heals itself.  Its a lot like rehabilitating a broken knee or leg, you gotta move it some.

I have received so much support and love during this process and I would like to extend my utmost gratification to you all for thinking of me and sending such good energy my way.  It is working.  I can feel that my voice is getting better all the time.  I can tell that I have more vocal range and that the control that I was losing is coming back.  Its very exciting.  For all of you who are wondering, No, I am not gonna sound all different than I used to.  The main objective of the surgery was to remove the polyps that had gotten so large, they really were interfering with my singing.  There were a few shows there in late April where I literally could not sing my songs.  But, I’m still me.  I am a little shy of singing just yet as I am nervouse to injure myself again.  I know that I will regain confidence and that I will be back as strong as ever in the near fututre.

Thank you all again for your amazing support.  I feel truly blessed.




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