Caleb Klauder


The Great Big Fais DO DO is happening again

The Great Big Fais Do Do

Portland Oregon

June 23-24-25-26- 2016

Details to come

Some special guests the year are:

Jesse Lége, Joel Savoy, Miss Kell, Miss Reeb, The Waysiders, Caleb Klauder Country Band.


Happy March. There are a lot of pieces music birthdays out there. Find one and help them celebrate

I’m still working on a New Album with the band. There are some original songs mixed with some of my favorite old songs.




Reeb Willms make a great debut, singing lead for the country band, with this new album.  She has a couple of gems on there. Im still working on the artwork and have to be honest, I’m a little stuck with it. So for the time being we will wait for the right theme to make itself clear. Look for the new album this year.

Cdbaby is still the best way to purchase our music if you can’t make it to a show.

Spring Tours

Spring finds us around home a bunch.  The country band will be in The Great Pacific NW, performing in;

Vancouver BC on May 6th

Lopez Island, Woodman Hall May 7th

Bow Edison, Wa. on May 8th

Anchorage Alaska, May 25/26th
Juneau Alaska, May 27th

Summer Tours

This summer takes the Country Band to some more new and exciting places.
We start off at the Calgary Folk Festival in Alberta Canada,  July 22-23.   We head east from there and into New England for a return visit after our 2015 amazing fall tour.  We will be at the Ossipee Music Festival in Hiram, Maine, July 29th.  Look for us out east around that time.




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