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Farewell, Alligator Man: A Tribute to the music of Jimmy C. Newman 

Featuring the talents of Joel Savoy, Kelli Jones, Caleb Klauder, and Reeb Willms.

$20.00      Vinyl available for presale now, but ships December 8! 

There was a time in south Louisiana that the name Jimmy C. Newman was spoken with an almost god-like reverence-a young singer from Mamou had made it to the big time and the locals could not have been more proud to tell folks that the C stood for Cajun. Jimmy’s career endured a lifetime, performing on the Grand Ole Opry for 58 years until just before his death in 2014, but what you will hear on this record is not a slick star-studded tribute to a Nashville legend. Instead it’s a small group of friends from very different regions of the United States that discovered this music individually and built a relationship on a mutual affection for these early country songs. We feel fortunate

to have had the wonderful experience of getting to know Jimmy and sharing the stage with him a few times in the later years of his life. We are also truly honored to have Jimmy’s son Gary join us on this record playing upright bass. Listening to the original recordings of these songs, it’s hard to believe that the majority of them were considered “unsuccessful” in their time. We like to think of them as “hidden treasures” and we hope that you will feel the same. Lâche pas la patate les amis!

  1. You Didn't Have To Go


Latest Track

Farewell Alligator Man

Joel Savoy, Kelli Jones, Reeb Willms and Caleb Klauder

Brand New Release from Valcour Records in Eunice Louisiana and produced by Joel Savoy. This is our newest release to date.
Featuring the songs of Jimmy C Newman with Joel Savoy, Keli Jones, Caleb Klauder and Reeb Willms. Joined by Russ Blake on pedal Steel, Ned Folkerth on drums, Gary Newman on Bass.
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  1. 1 You Didn't Have To Go 02:52
  2. 2 I Wanna Tell All The World 02:55
  3. 3 Let The Whole World Talk 02:15
  4. 4 I Don't Know What Im Going to Do 02:34

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Caleb endorses Straight Up Strings for his mandolin.

Caleb endorses Straight Up Strings for his mandolin.